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A Talent Attraction, Performance Optimization and Retention Plan tailored for your company.


Talent Pool Identification

  • Identify top source companies ​​​

  • Develop a broad, relevant talent pool of prospect candidates

  • Initiate a direct contact recruiting campaign targeting the top candidates

  • Define / Timeline and critical recruitment actions for finalists ​


Evaluate and Validate

  • Confirm technical skills, training and work experience​

  • Detailed reference checks,  and personality assessment testing​

  • A Talent Score Card specific to the positions presents only the most highly qualified candidates

  • Compensation analysis, draft offer term sheet ​

  • Gain verbal acceptance, begin resignation steps

  • Extend formal offer, establish start-date​

  • Guide through resignation and counter offers​

  • Confirm on-boarding plan

  • Follow up 30, 60, 90 and quarterly

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