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  Talent Attraction & Retention Planning

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A sustainable 

competitive advantage requires a talent-based strategy. 

  Talent Attraction & Retention Planning



Your Talent  Management Strategy will likely have the greatest impact on revenue, growth and long-term success.  We partner with clients to build the strategy, attract and retain the talent. 


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Finding the right executive to develop and execute a winning strategy, in a manner that is aligned with your unique company culture is the biggest challenge.  Proven leaders are handpicked for their relevant experience and abilities and vetted for the critical intangible skills with best-in-class leadership assessments. (17).jpg



Attracting and retaining in-demand talent will continue to be a top priority and a huge challenge for the foreseeable future.  A talent management strategy that is closely aligned with sales and finance strategies are critical to the overall success of the organization. (18).jpg



We have the capability to integrate scientific research with our practical experience and industry-specific expertise to recruit professionals of all levels and functions for our clients.


Core Talent Inc., est. 1992 by Tim Pendergast with the goal of helping Community Banks compete with the large Regional Banks that were acquiring their way into Colorado and Arizona. 

"Colorado National Bank" was our first client!  Soon after we were hired by Omni Bank, Merchants Mortgage, United Banks of Colorado, First Interstate Bank, Vectra Banks, First Data Corporation, Rocky Mountain Bankcard, and others".  


Although the "plan" for each client was similar, we worked closely with HR and the Executive Team to draft and implement a recruiting strategy that for the first time was based heavily on the cultural fit. There was a palpable difference in how you did your job under the "big bank" model but so were there big differences between peer banks.  Organizational culture was truly unique and often a reflection of the CEO, the Executive Team, and HR Leaders.  

"Commercial bankers are often between other commercial banks". 


Creativity and product differentiation has for the most part been squeezed out of the industry by tight regulatory requirements to where the only competitive advantages are price and service.  


Fostered thin margins and most "smaller banks" have had to adopt certain efficiency practices of the big banks to survive.  In conjunction, a heavy emphasis is placed on new business in determining goals and performance.   

Evidenced by the number of Colorado Banks that have been acquired in the last 6 years, competing against the economies of scale is very difficult.    

Much has changed since the early '90s but the conviction that a sustainable competitive advantage can only be achieved by attracting and retaining top talent has remained constant.  

"Especially in a highly regulated industry like financial services; if your competitive advantage isn't built on having the best people, it's only temporary."

Today, Corporate Talent Inc. companies need a strategy within their talent-based strategy. 

The Conference Board polled over 800 CEOs about the biggest business challenges they expect to face in 2019. Executives opined on not only their top external concerns, like trade and politics but also their top internal anxieties.


To that end, here are American CEOs’ top three internal anxieties for 2019 and ideas for turning these challenges into opportunities.

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

CEOs cited the ability to attract and retain quality workers as their top internal concern. This comes as no surprise given the challenges posed by today’s tight labor market. With work opportunities abundant during this time of record-low unemployment, people are leaving their jobs at the highest rate since 2001.

In this economic environment, executives need to remember that short-term financial metrics are just one part of the equation. They need to place even more emphasis on building and maintaining a strong company culture. And to make their organizations attractive, enticing places to work, companies need to constantly measure and improve their “people metrics” – benchmarks like attrition, diversity, and engagement.


In partnership with DataIQ and Self-Management Group and a member of NPA-Worldwide, Corporate Talent Inc. provides executive search, core staffing & recruiting and best-in-class data analytics on team performance and individual cognitive assessments for businesses in 30 countries and in over 20 languages for multiple industries including Commercial Banking, Wealth Management, Franchisee and Franchisors, Hospitality, Contact Centers, Retail, Insurance, Small Business Administration Lending and Financial Technology companies. 


All of these highly-competitive industries have changed dramatically over the last 25 years but it remains impossible to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage without attracting and retaining a workforce more talented than the competition.


Over 26 years, 95% of our new clients are repeat clients. Please contact our references.



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