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          Psychometric Assessment Training                           Through 


Performance Prediction Analytics:


We are the exclusive U.S. Partner with Self-Mangement Group

Self-Management Group helps organizations worldwide to more accurately Predict Performance, Improve Retention, Minimize lost opportunity costs and reduce turn-over, due to under performance and under staffing. ​

From tailored Interview Guides to Post Hire On-boarding we can Customize and Optimize a Talent Management Plan for your organization. 

A recent study conducted by the World Economic Forum, predicted that EQ (Emotional Quotient) will be one of the top ten skills people hire for by 2020. 

If your organization is already assessing Integrity, Trust, Positive Person Inventory, Emotional Quotient, Cognitive Skills, Fluid Intelligence, Diversity and Inclusion, Adaptability and Flexibility, you have likely seen the increase in Performance and Retention of High-Potential Employees. 


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Attract, select, and develop top performers.

TalentNest is a talent management software with integrated diagnostics and assessments to help you attract, manage, and rate candidates throughout the recruitment process.

By using TalentNest you will:


  • Reduce the costly guess work in hiring

  • Seamless hiring solution from A to Z

  • Match natural talents to specific positions and increase overall quality of hires

  • Drastically reduce employee turnover 

  • Increase the Flow & Quantity of applicants

  • Adhere to the most stringent, compliance standards

  • Develop a systematic approach to recruiting & hiring Top Performers!


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Candidate Attraction



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Recruiting Analytics

Candidate Management

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